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29 July, 2020

What Can Governments Do To Fight Fake News

What can governments do to fight fake news? The Kerala Government has a dedicated Anti-Fake News division, which regularly busts all kinds of misinformation – be it WhatsApp forwards on child kidnappings, hoaxes on vaccines or UNESCO certified best of everything.

Mir Mohammed Ali, IAS Officer in-charge of Kerala’s Anti-Fake News Division, tells us how the Kannur district and state of Kerala undertook multiple programs to educate the masses on facts, encourage critical thinking on individual levels, question sources of news and forwards and implemented state level policies to ensure that people don’t fall prey to vicious news. He says, “Fake news is a crime like any other, especially when it leads to mass panic. It is classified as a crime under IPC rules. From a government perspective, when we see fake news, we immediately send it to the police. If you feel like your local police or state government isn’t taking action, do not hesitate to talk about it and raise your voice.”